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One-on-one life coaching sessions are personalized to meet your needs and fit your schedule, available online and/or in person if you're in my French Riviera neighborhood. Set up a free phone consultation so we can chat.


Join us for a convivial and exclusive experience at our networking events. Make valuable connections and meet accomplished members of the Côte d'Azur expat community. Networking Services coming soon!


Relax and unwind in the beautiful French Riviera so you can get in the right state of mind to take on new challenges. Vacations, staycations, and team building retreats are customized for you and your companions.

I’m Diana – entrepreneur, athlete, expat and life coach. Originally from New York City, I’ve been living in the French Riviera for the past 10 years. My personal expat experience is what inspired me to create Uncommon Accents. I know how exciting and rewarding it can be to live in a different country – but it can also be very challenging and frustrating. I’ve learned so much and made so many wonderful connections through the years. Now I’d like to help by offering other expats the support and services I would have appreciated so much.

Live Your Best Expat Life

Are you preparing to move to a new country, have you arrived recently, or have you been living there for a while? 

Do you live in the French Riviera and want to make new connections with interesting and accomplished locals?

Do you want to boost your sense of well-being, relax and get inspired in a stunning setting?

Life Coaching can be useful at any stage of the expat experience. I can help you come up with effective strategies to deal with logistical issues, find your calling, and set new goals with an effective action plan to achieve them.

Networking events are designed with my French Riviera community in mind. Make valuable connections and meet accomplished local expats in a convivial ambiance at exclusive venues. 

Retreats are for everyone, wherever you live in the world! We all need some time to relax, reset and find inspiration. After planning luxury cycling tours for the past 8 years, I have the savoir-faire to put together incredible bespoke vacation experiences in the French Riviera. You’ll leave feeling renewed and ready to take on new and exciting challenges!

The expat experience involves many logistical, cultural, social, personal and professional challenges. When we settle into a new environment, it’s easy to get stuck putting out the fires in front of us rather than looking beyond the flames and setting new goals. Life coaching is one way to step out of that fire, because you’re making a commitment to focus on yourself and figure out how to live your best life abroad. Networking events help you make valuable connections in a convivial ambiance, and retreats give you a chance to relax and reset.

Being a lifelong cyclist and competitive athlete has given me many fantastic opportunities. But it’s a tough sport and I had to figure out effective strategies for setting reasonable goals, handling challenges, staying calm under pressure and keeping a positive attitude. The methods I came up with and fine-tuned over the years helped me tremendously as I faced the challenges of living abroad and starting a business – and I believe they can help you too. Read more about my background and my coaching methods to see if we’d be a good match!

My accent is MY unique way of speaking, and an important part of my identity as an American in France. I used to want to seem unmistakably French, but now I'm proud to be unmistakably different. After all, the differences are what make the expat experience so enriching. Be uncommon and celebrate it!

— Me

Live your best life abroad!

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